Securus Works Closely With Corrections Facilities

Securus Technologies is a well-known provider of investigation tools throughout the nation. The company offers services in several different aspects of the industry. Its equipment helps solve inmate-on-inmate crimes and provides the ability for correctional facility staff to manage their environments. There is emergency response technology as well as public information and information management systems. Securus Technologies is making the world a safer place with its products on a daily basis.


Securus is an expert on prison technologies and operates throughout the entire United States. It was founded in 1986 and has offices in Texas and Georgia. There are more than 1,000 employees working for Securus on well over 2,600 contracts with facilities throughout the nation. Securus is a firm believer in investing in its future. The company spent more than 600 million dollars on patents and acquisitions within a three-year time frame.


Executives at Securus Technologies want to continue to push the company forward in order to provide opportunity for its employees, and offer the best services to its clients. Offender Management Systems was one of the acquisitions that was made by Securus Technologies. Offender Management had been the leader of the industry up until its acquisition in 2007.


Communication is one of the many specialties that Securus Technologies offers. It is a key component to helping correctional facilities operate in a safe manner. Their cell phone package was designed to assist with the problem of contraband entering the premises. The system was approved by at least 5 Department of corrections facilities upon its inception. Securus eventually partnered with the Harris Corporation on cell phone technology. They offer correctional facilities the ability to prevent cell phones from connecting with mobile networks outside of the compound.


Securus Technologies eventually acquired JPay Incorporated. JPay Incorporated was doing good business throughout the United States as an electronic payment provider for correctional facilities. The company also offered email and entertainment systems. It has contracts with detainment facilities in over 33 States throughout the country. The acquisition of JPay allows Securus to provide service to correctional facilities within the United States.


The Success of Madison Street Capital

The M&A Advisor honors companies that have out-stood others in service delivery and in quality manufacturing of goods. It also honors performance at a personal level with awards different awards from corporate. It does this in a colorful event and great attendance. For a company to be recognized, it must have participated in a competition with other companies.

The winner of the 2017 Award was Madison Street Capital and the honor was awarded by the president and co-CEO of M&A, David Fergusson. The event took place in New York at the Metropolitan Club Gala Awards.

The company was named the winner of Debt Financing Deal in the financing sector of the year. There were other winners of different sectors not related to finance. The Gala Awards attracts many distinguished stakeholders and ensures that only the best competitors are awarded.

After receiving the award, the CEO of Madison Capital Street, Charles Botchway, commended his team of employees and congratulated them for standing out in a group of highly competitive candidates.

Besides being awarded as the best dealer in debt financing, Madison Street Capital was a finalist in the Firm of the year in Boutique Investment banking under 250 MM and in Financial Deals of the year. Thus, the performance of the financial company has been promising.

Other than corporate awards, The M&A Advisor recognizes individuals who have performed outstandingly. Tom Farrell inaugural award was presented to Robert Blumenfeld, Executive director of the New York ACG.

The M&A Advisor has been operating for 20 years and was founded to provide understanding and intelligence on acquisitions and mergers therefore establishing its own media outlet in 1998. Today, the firm is considered as the world’s best organization for leadership in acquisition & mergers, corporate finance professionals and restructuring, delivering wide range of quality services.

Madison Street Capital reputation is maintained by focuses on the middle income clients as a financial organization. Through its experienced and committed professionals, the company is able to attend to its clients in a personalized manner. This has grown it in popularity and has helped it expand to different parts of the world.

Apart from being a financial investor, Madison also actively participates in philanthropy. It gives support through donations to organizations that help communities stricken by disasters all over the world. Such organizations then offer disaster relief and help families affected to overcome the distress and to be able to start their lives all over. Learn more:

National Steel Car is as Solid as Steel

The applause was thunderous as Gregory James Aziz took the stage. It was a time of excitement and trepidation, celebration and nervousness. National Steel Car had just celebrated its centennial birthday, and yet regulations were looming on the horizon. They all gathered to celebrate the achievement it took to keep National Steel Car in business for 100 years, but a question was still looming, “Will this business be able to continue for another century?”

Greg Aziz put his hands in the air and calmed the crowd down. After he explained to them their achievements over the past 100 years, his tone of voice changed, and he began to explain to them what National Steel Car would do to ensure that they would be in business for another 100 years.


Aziz began by addressing and acknowledging the fact that all of them had fears with the new regulations that were just passed by the governments of Canada and the United States. He further described to them the predicament that the entire railway industry found themselves in due to this legislation. However, they need not be afraid because Gregory J Aziz had come through again.


Greg James Aziz had seen that this change was coming and began preparing for years in advance. He then explained to the audience that was present how he called the head of research and development to his office four years ago and began discussing with him the need for a more environmentally friendly car. This discussion led them to begin developing a prototype car that could go further, carry more, and use fewer emissions. Read This Article for more information.


Research and development then began to create this car in a secret factory that he had built inside the United States of America. They were ordered to sit quietly on this project after they created 100 cars to stop rival companies from learning of this and competing.


Gregory J Aziz told them that the new regulations passed by Canada and United States would make their old cars obsolete, along with the thousands of other railcars owned by other companies. However, their new railcar was still able to operate under the new regulations, and thus, they were the only company that was able to transport goods at this time. This meant that while all the other companies are playing catch-up, National Steel Car would continue doing business and thriving underneath all the new contracts they would acquire.

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One aspect that led Sahm Adrangi to fame

The founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi also doubles as the Chief Investment Officer of the company since its inception in 2009. The once small startup firm had established itself with a skeleton team of employees is now a powerhouse in the financial sector, given the sporadic growth and development witnessed during Sahm Adrangi’s tenure. The decision by Sahm, to venture into the commercial industry with authority was a significant boost to the industry that has for a long time attracted many investors. The results of Adrangi’s hard work and diligence has been expressed through the rise of firm’s assets from as low as $1 million during its inception to about $150 million as of July 2017. The tremendous success is attributed to the fact that Sahm oversaw as well as participated in various facets of development in the Kerrisdale Capital Management, and

At one point the influential leader of the company decided to make significant changes that would improve the productivity being experienced in the Kerrisdale Capital Management. To start with, he institutes a mechanism that would see to it that the company places more attention on the areas that they have specialized on. In spite of the fact that it is in the public domain that Kerrisdale Capital Management used to carry on with its mandate by conduction research and sharing findings with other corporations as well as industries, the directive by Sahm Adrangi would mean that the modus operandi of the firm changes immensely, and more information click here.

The changes that Sahm Adrangi directed for adoption in the company comprised of a Shift of focus to specific areas. One of the areas selected is the Biotechnology sector, and Sahm had started conducting research programs that would bring into shape the development stages of an assortment of companies which comprise of the Pulse Biosciences, Unilife, Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen among others. Likewise, a second segment they would attend to was the mining sector in which Sahm had started collaborating with some companies about their marketing valuations and how they would improve, and

One aspect that has led to fame of Sahm Adrangi is his participation in discussions and interviews on CNBC as well as Bloomberg. Besides, he featured in some publications, and Sahm Adrangi’s lacrosse camp.

Gregory James Aziz: Managing the National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur who is currently serving as the chairman, president and CEO of the National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz, or Greg Aziz to those who know him well, has been awarded with several recognitions because of his achievements in leading the largest rolling stock manufacturer in Canada. Years before he purchased the National Steel Car from the hands of Dofasco, Gregory James Aziz worked at a food delivery business owned by his parents. They are importing fresh food products coming from South America and Europe, and they are delivering it across Canada and the United States.


Gregory James Aziz has a hidden skill in making a business grow, and his expertise transformed their family business into one of the most profitable food delivery businesses in the country. Gregory James Aziz left his parents after realizing how successful their family business has become, and told them that he will be looking for a job that deals with finances


Gregory James Aziz landed a job at a financial institution, and he worked hard to be promoted. He saved up a lot of money while serving as the financial institution’s executive, and one day, he heard about the news that the National Steel Car will be sold by Dofasco because it is now seen as a liability. Upon hearing the news, he went to the headquarters of Dofasco and spoke with one of their representatives. Gregory James Aziz and Dofasco agreed that the National Steel Car will be sold to him, and the deal took effect in 1994. During the first few years of operation, Gregory James Aziz struggled to determine how he can transform the National Steel Car into a competitive company able to deliver what they initially promised. He hired an additional 2,500 employees, increasing the company’s workforce to almost 3,000. See This Article to learn more.

Because of his decision to hire more employees to work for the National Steel Car, the production rate of the company increased. They are able to produce more than 12,000 rolling stocks each year, and Gregory James Aziz is grateful to the employees of the National Steel Car who are doing their best to create quality rolling stocks. Gregory James Aziz was recognized as a role model for business people who wanted to attain success.


The company received TTX SECO award for quality, for over a decade. His perseverance to transform the National Steel Car is unbelievable. The efforts of James Aziz did not go to waste, as the National Steel Car keeps on breaking records and becoming known worldwide.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco – Banco Bradesco’s New Chairman And CEO Succession

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a successful and top ranking banking professional in Brazil and around the world. Having been in the banking industry all his career life, Luiz has accumulated extensive skills and experience in the field. He is currently Banco Bradesco’s chairman and acting CEO. Banco Bradesco is one of the leading and largest banking and financial services institution in Brazil with several branches outside the country.

Luiz was recently named the bank’s chairman after the former chairman, Lazaro Brandao resigned after 27 years of service. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s banking career and profile has earned him a lot of awards and recognition. Bloomberg has ranked him the world’s oldest banking professional and leader. In 2009, the same year he took up the bank’s presidency, he was listed among the most influential people in Brazil. In 2016, Forbes Magazine listed him among Brazil’s top CEOs.

Education and Career Profile

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born October 6, 1951, in Marilia, Brazil. He joined the University of São Paulo in Brazil – the country’s most prestigious and sought-after institution of higher learning – for a degree in Philosophy and later a Socio-Psychology post-graduate degree from the same university.

After graduating, he started working at Banco Bradesco as a clerk in Marilia branch. He soon shifted to the bank’s headquarter branch in São Paulo and quickly rose up the ranks. After 15 years, Luiz became the bank’s marketing director. He was in charge of the Bank’s Marketing for eight years after which, in 1992, he became the CEO of the bank’s private pension company between 1992 and 1998. In 1998, he became Managing Director, and a year later, assumed the position of Vice President. He was elected the bank’s Seguros group president in 2003.

In his tenure, Bradesco increased by 25 percent in leadership in the market. The insurance wing was able to expand by 10 percent and became the biggest in Latin America. With over 40 years of banking leadership and knowledge in different positions, Luiz was elected CEO and president in 2009 and joined the list of former three CEO’s that Bradesco has had in history. In 2017, Luiz has been designated Bradesco’s chairman.

Bradesco’s CEO Succession Race

Bradesco was established to be an independent bank serving Brazil’s economic and social development in 1943 by Amador Aguiar. More than 70 years later, the bank has expanded to boast of over 5,000 local and foreign branchesaccording to Bradesco provides banking, insurance plans, pension’s plans, investments services, bonds, internet banking, and credit card services to its clientele.

Bradesco is on a mission to choose a new CEO to replace Luiz who is currently holding both the CEO as well as chairman positions. Bradesco plans to announce a CEO by March 2018 before its next shareholder’s assembly. The bank will not source a new CEO from outside, but will select him from among seven of the bank’s top-ranking executives, according to Luiz on


A Review Of Obsidian Energy Journey After Rebranding From Penn West Petroleum

Obsidian Energy is a renowned Canadian oil and natural gas production company. The medium-sized company has a well-balanced portfolio of quality assets. The corporation produces nearly 30,000 barrels each day. Obsidian Energy has a high client base, thus enhanced profitability margins. In addition, the noble corporation has recruited the services of experienced personnel who will enable it to succeed in the competitive industry. Moreover, Obsidian Energy’s success is anchored on the foundation of discipline and its employee’s relentless passion for the work that they do. This success is also based on an unbendable accountability to their shareholders, partners and the communities that they operate in.


Previously, the company was known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd. On June 26th, 2017, the company formally changed its business name to Obsidian Energy. As Penn West, the company underwent considerable changes. These changes affected every area of their business. Moreover, the changes helped the management to redefine the company in terms of where and how it grows. As a result, Obsidian Energy has reemerged leaner, stronger and more capable than it has ever been.


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The change of name has been accompanied by improvement in their business operations.

David French, the company’s president and CEO noted that they were pleased to recognize the final step in their transformation journey with the name change. He also added that as they begin the new chapter, they will lead the company based on three principles, which are disciplined commercial and technical decision making, relentless pursuit of progress, and accountability. Presently, Obsidian Energy is well positioned with the appropriate assets, a strong balance sheet, and sensible hedging strategy that will help them to set a performance standard even in lower price situations. Apart from the name change, the company’s shareholders approved the entire resolutions outlined in the Notice of 2017 Annual and Special Meeting and the Management Proxy Circular of April 30, 2017.


The company’s oil and gas fields are found in Alberta, which is along the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. The region is among the leading petroleum reserves in the world. In Alberta, oil and gas production comes from three main areas, which are the Peace River oil sands, the Alberta Viking, and the Pembina Cardium.



Obsidian Energy Strategies for Getting Back Up

Obsidian energy ltd deals natural gas and also oil. The company is currently located in Canada at a place called Calgary, Alberta. The company has employed individuals of around 300 as per 2017. Its original name was Penn west exploration limited. The company’s market value reached its best in 2008 with a value of $ 9.5 billion. Their main explorations sites include Alberta Viking, Pembina Cardium, and Peace River oil sands.


However, Obsidian Energy has also had also experienced its low period. The company had accumulated various debts together with some difficulties in operations. This trying time was mainly brought by reduction of the prices of crude oil globally in 2014. This forced the company to let go some of its assets to remain afloat. This was also followed by a change in the marketing strategies.


Some of the strategies included changing the name with a new symbol of “OBE” that was to be used in the stock exchange market of New York and Toronto. Three principals were set to steer the company forward. Obsidian Energy wanted to instill discipline in operations while ensuring that everyone plays their role to ensure the company achieves its mandates and remains a global player. Transparency and accountability are also the key areas that they look forward to working on.


To achieve its mandates, Obsidian provides excellent record keeping of all its spending together with hedging plan. This will ensure the company remains on top even when the oil prices go down again in the future. The main reason for this is to ensure the safety of the investors’ money.


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In addition to the change in name, there were also some proposals that were approved, for example, the appointment of Ernst and Young LLp to become the auditors of the company. The two are chartered and certified accountants. Their primary purpose is to provide full accountability on all the spending in the business. New directors were also elected which consisted of eight members. Other changes also include the reduction of employees and the number of oil barrels produced per day. This, however, has affected even the income of the company which has witnessed a steady decrease. With the measures taken by Obsidian Energy, it may not be long before Obsidian Energy rises again.


A About Talk Fusion – Video Marketing Company

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who is the C.E.O of the company. Talk Fusion is a video marketing company which is based in Florida. The marketing company is committed in helping businesses by offering skills and services that would help such businesses to standout in the competitive market. Through the use of the Talk Fusion services, businesses are able to retain their customers and at the same time attract more. This is enhanced by the more persuasive, engaging and memorable videos.


Talk Fusion also makes it easy to create professional video emails that ensure the message stands out. These video emails allow an individual to have personal contact and able to connect with customers and build brand loyalty. Talk Fusion also offers video conferencing services and social networking. Bob Reina’s idea of starting the Talk Fusion was attributed to his desire and belief in the art of innovation.


Reina, a leader and a philanthropist is always dedicated in ensuring that his goal of setting people to success is met. This doesn’t matter the location or their backstory. Talk Fusion, markets its innovative products through person to person. This is facilitated by Independent Associates that are available in more than 140 countries. Any individual or corporate willing to acquire these services is given a 30 days Free Trials of all the video marketing solutions offered.


Talk Fusion does not only offer these services just for the sake of it but also offers quality services, “hands-on” leadership, has unique combination of packages, exciting business opportunities and the best training and customer support systems. As the C.E.O Bob Reina asserts that one does not act rightfully because of the virtue or excellence but it’s rather for one to have those virtues because one has acted rightfully.


Talk Fusion is one of the simplest and cheapest marketing strategies that entrepreneurs should embrace. It’s easy to use, after opening the Talk Fusion portal; one is able to send numerous email videos to individuals or group of people. The company is equally committed in giving back to the community through various charities across the world. Learn more:

Osteo Relief Institute: Treating People with Osteoarthritis

Millions of people are suffering from osteoarthritis, and as a result, they have to adjust their lifestyles. They should be aware of the food they eat, how often they exercise, the jobs that they do, the medical treatment that they receive, and they should also get support from family and friends on how to live comfortably with osteoarthritis. Patients who are suffering from osteoarthritis should keep in mind that being physically active would help them become fit, and being fit means that the bones will be stronger and the disease can be slowed down or treated entirely ( Overweight patients who have osteoarthritis can make things worse – the bones would burden their weight, and it would acquire more damage over time. Patients should also watch what they eat because some food can worsen their condition. Fruits and vegetables are still the best way to go, but the home-cooked food is also good. However, processed food and junk food should be avoided. Osteoarthritis can also interfere with an individual’s job and occupation, and one should create techniques that would lessen the pain felt when working. Medical care should also be provided to people suffering from osteoarthritis, and they should consider visiting a facility which offers the best treatment options.


Osteo Relief Institute is a company established in 2007 and it is headquartered in New Jersey. The company employs a team of professionals who underwent excessive training in providing patient care. They are also highly skilled when it comes to speaking with their patients, and they know how to give the best services to their patients.


Osteo Relief Institute has a collection of state of the art equipment and gadgets that are used to treat patients suffering from osteoarthritis (GazetteDay). They are using these gadgets to ease the pain that each patient feels, and all of this equipment is approved by the government.


The number one goal of Osteo Relief Institute is to treat the patients with osteoarthritis, avoiding surgeries at all cost. Patients who are interested in their treatment can call the Osteo Relief Institute directly and set up an appointment with their friendly and accommodating staff.


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