The Shrewd Investor, Hussain Sajwani

Global entrepreneurship success is a significant milestone for any one investor. For one to soar that high, he is required to have completely dedicated himself to the endeavor. Hussain Sajwani is an investor from the United Emirates who has done it. The great entrepreneur was born in 1956. His career history is remarkable, as he has garnered success in every venture he has undertaken.

Hussain attended his college education in Washington University. After that, he was hired as a Contracts Manager at GASCO Oil Company. At the firm, he learned critical management skills that would later be priceless in the management of his businesses. Not long after, he resigned to have a go at his entrepreneurship endeavors.

Hussain Sajwani, just like everyone else, wanted to have his enterprise and become his own boss. The thought of him running a catering unit in his hometown fascinated him. True to his wishes, he established a catering entity in 1982. He operated under the radar for almost ten years. In 1992, his name was on the lips of everyone who cared to monitor Dubai’s major investments.

His hospitality ventures had undergone a positive transformation, and their growth was tremendous. He built magnificent hotels and resorts to cater for the ever increasing number of people who visited the Emirates mostly for business expeditions.

Hussain Sajwani family investments never stopped growing. He committed his finances heavily on the capital and securities market both in Dubai and in the world market. His efforts led to the establishment of DICO Investments, which was his first investment company.

In addition, he ventured in the building and construction industry in Oman and established Al Amana Building Materials and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles. His passion in catering never ceased, and he founded the AL Jazeira Services that has its presence all over the Middle East, Africa and CIS.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani founded the firm that would place him on the global scale of investment, DAMAC Properties. The company specializes in the development of properties mostly in the residential, commercial, and leisure categories. It is the leading properties development firm in the Middle East, and its head offices are located in Dubai. Sajwani has partnered with Donald Trump and his organization towards construction of the monumental Trump International Golf Course in Dubai.

DAMAC Properties has developed a hospitality division, DAMAC Maison, to offer bespoke services to residents of its hotel apartments. Moreover, DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani, has donated two million AED towards the clothing of a million underprivileged children globally. DAMAC’s growth is attributed to its unique and diverse expertise utilized in all its projects.

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