Customer comments about Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a global leader in digital technology products for law enforcement agencies and prison facilities. Several prison centers around the United States have been able to solve more inmate crimes with the help of Securus Technologies.


Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies says that his company works hard to get a new piece of technology out on the market every week. The company receives thousands of emails from satisfied customers thanking them for keeping citizens safe.


Recently Securus Technologies released some of the comments that they have received in the past. For privacy reasons, no names or company names will be mentioned, and these statements are just a summary of some of the quotes.


One client, with the help of Securus Technologies, was able to crack down on a dishonest staff member. The customer used phone recordings to get a warrant and arrest the corrupt employee. The company stated that they plan on working with Securus Technologies more in the future.


A prison facility was able to use the technology resources provided by Securus Technologies to crack down on several drug trades happening between the walls. They were able to get a confession out of one person who was offering prescription drugs for a low price.


Another correctional facility has been using the products sold by Securus Technologies for more than ten years, and they continue to get excited everytime they drop a new product.


Securus Technologies has made it a whole lot easier for facilities to conduct investigations when there are complaints of harassment or security threats.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and works with more than 3000 law enforcement agencies and prisons across the United States. Securus Technologies assists its clients by offering emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis. The company is committed to keeping the world a safe place to live for all.

Securus Technologies Builds Better Communication System for Inmates

Securus Technologies is a very powerful company that has been able to change the way that family and friends are now communicating with inmates on the inside. I certainly think that this company has been very effective when it comes to the communication software. It is so convenient for me because I don’t have to visit the prison anymore.


I love the video visitation because I have compared it to collect calls that I have received, and the cost is definitely lower. I feel like I am getting much better quality for my money when I sign up and schedule the video visitation. I think that this is the way that all people should be connecting with their friends that are incarcerated. I think that this is a best way to visit.


It is easy for me to have this type of visitation because I have access to a smartphone and a computer. It is so easy for me to connect to my friends on the inside when I have access to this type of hardware. Securus Technologies has been providing me with crisp and clear video. I know that other companies have this type of software platform, but I think that Securus has the clearest solution. This is definitely a better way to communicate.


I believe that Securus Technologies is also a great company for the prison system because it reduces the fraternization inside of the prison. I know that people are going to be impressed with what is happening with this company because it saves the prison system money. It also increases safety in the prison. These are benefits that cannot be overlooked. The technology upgrade is something that a lot of prisons will not always opt for, but many prisons systems need to upgrade for these reasons.