Stream Energy Celebrates Fourth “Women of Power” Event

Today’s world is more competitive than ever for businesses. In the digital age of the internet, anyone with a laptop can create a website and have their own company. However, there is a clear difference between businesses that truly care about helping people and those that are only focused on profit. Stream Energy is a prime example of a company that gives back.


Just recently, Stream put on the fourth Women of Power Retreat. This event was held in Dallas, Texas (the company’s main office). It helps train their female associates to achieve their dreams in business. The goal is to provide them with motivation and connection to mentors so they can create and grow their own businesses faster.


“Shine” is the event theme this year. According to the company, this is to focus on the special talents that each woman has and how to bring it out to be more confident and effective in their business ventures (


Workshops ranging from “How to Be Your Own Boss” to personal branding, to mindfulness (meditation and gratitude) were taught. Stream hopes to equip women to become powerful in their own right by appreciating what makes them unique in the marketplace.


Among the speakers at the event were famous women in power. This included the best selling author Nicole Lapin, business consultant Karen Leland, and wellness consultant Melissa Mark Garner. A spokesperson for the company expressed hope that the women attending could spark their own businesses and help other women gain empowerment.


Stream Energy is a direct sales company that focuses on bringing integrated life services to the marketplace. Their innovative approach has created immense growth and made them one of the biggest companies in their market.


They focus on offering wireless, protective, home, and energy services to various markets (ReleaseFact). The company has $8 billion in revenue since 2005 and has since expanded to New York, Illinois, Georgia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.


You might not think about the inner workings of your energy company, but it could pay to do so. By choosing a company that invests in women empowerment and better service, you are not just helping the economy but also social progression. Luckily, the fastest growing company in their market, Stream, makes this an easy choice.