Jorge Moll and his Journey with Healthcare Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in healthcare is something only health care experts were able to handle in the initial days. But, in the recent years, the industry has grown beyond the hospitals and opened a number of opportunities for everyone. Be it technology developers, startup research firms, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare services, everyone has the opportunity in the industry as the sector is going through integration with other sectors. Recently, the founder and Chairman of Rede D” Or São Luiz, Dr. Jorge Moll spoke about his journey. He has enough exposure to the challenges as his group has more than 32 hospitals in its network.


Dr. Moll says that his venture started as a small time health test institution. He further added that he was starting with equipment and created a large test center in Rio for complementary tests. Dr. Jorge Moll remembers that Rio was considered as the healthcare capital of Brazil during the 70s and 80s, but in the later years, it started worsening as most of those hospitals were public. Additionally, SUS worsened things more as it unified everything by removing the identity of the hospitals. Overall lack of quality in diagnosis, poor service, and more prompted Dr. Moll to help the people of the city with excellent healthcare solutions.


He started with three institutions in the city and everything fine with his willpower. Though there were debts in the initial days, he was motivated and identified that operators were making huge profits without transferring them to hospitals. Dr. Moll decided to resist the exploitation and consistently grew in the market (Scholar.Google). He also said that the financial crisis in Brazil gave another blow to him as many people started looking back at SUS, leaving the health plans. During this time, Dr. Moll introduced Total Health Management Model that offered health care at lower cost with the perfect utilization of hospitals.


Dr. Moll also introduced a brokerage to his network and made operators aware of what happens to the patients using efficient communication network ( Now, he adds that all of the hospitals in his network are focused on quality and accredited. He continues that some of the hospitals in the network have even international accreditation. Dr. Moll also feels that entrepreneurship should be stimulated in Brazil considering the current situation.