Dick DeVos Brilliance Work as a Philanthropist

Dick DeVos is one of the known philanthropist worldwide who has always ensured that people live more comfier life with his good deeds that he does he has been able to make a good name for himself hence he is respected by the community. His philanthropist also involves his wife who is named Besty Devos whereby the work side by side. Mostly they are exceptional while working together because they share the common in a matter that concern with the reform in the education sector. Michigan is one of the establishments that they have been able to help in terms of assisting them in the education reforms and it is based in the United States. Besty DeVos has been able to obtain the opportunity to work in the United States government as the cabinet secretary these has been able to be received with the community well since they are guaranteed that she will bring reforms in the American education program and as well make sure that the tactics are established and finished.


Also both of them they were able to found one of the top organization name Dick DeVos Foundation which the main goal of the organization was to bring change in the United States in order for them to obtain a more efficient education. Disadvantaged students also have the chance to obtain funds from the foundation in order for them to acquire education. Furthermore, Dick and Besty DeVos Foundation introduced Education Freedom Fund that has been able to have awesome missions including helping more than 4,000 students to get a scholarship and freedom of choice to select the required education that they need. Northwood University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management are top establishments that have benefited from the Education Freedom Fund.


Also, West Michigan Aviation Academy is another institution that they have also assisted hence they provide good education to their students. Dick DeVos through using his aviation knowledge he has been able to help students to accomplish their objective by creating notions of offering chances to students who need to venture into the aviation industry. Though his commitment to bringing transformation to American school has been able to make him famous and enabled him to appoint as management board in numerous institutions.


Another accomplishment that he attained is through ensuring Great Lakes Education Project is a success it helps charter schools in Michigan and also he founded DeVos Institute of Arts Management that help people to showcase their talents and help to nurture them.


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